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Elemancer was a 3D Fantasy Role-Playing game with an epic Conan/Braveheart style score. Set in a pseudo-celtic world, the music for this game was highly regionally specific. All tracks are synthesized.

Hear the Main Title for Elemancer

Hear the Music for Combat

Hear the Music for the Forest Region
The Forest region was a somewhat pastoral area. Think of a rainforest with light coming through the canopy of trees.

Hear the Music for the Swamp
The swamp was a murky and dangerous, but stately  region. Think of Dagobah.

Hear the Music for the Tropical Regions
This region was warmer with a lot of coastal bluffs.

Hear the Music for the Mountains
This was a region of magic and mystery. The music was originally accompanied by high swirling winds and low visibility. Many hermits seeking enlightenment lived in these mountains.

Hear the Music for Magic Places
There were many abandoned temples and consecrated grounds in this world. This music told you when you were in mystic space.


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